How It's Made - What's in a Frame?

Framing can be done in many ways, but let’s look at a typical print framed with a double mat under glass.

What's in a frame?

What’s in a frame?

The print is enhanced by an outer mat with a contrasting inner mat showing as a narrow “reveal.” These mats are made of cotton rag or lignin-free archival mat board.

The print is “hinged” to the backing with acid-free tape, and backed with acid-free foamboard for stiffness.

We recommend glass that filters 99% of the ultraviolet light to minimize fading and colour change of the artwork and mat boards. The frame can be metal or wood (we don’t sell plastic or composite frames).

How It's Made

How It’s Made

Some of our frames are FSC certified.

Conservation Framing

At Bayview we specialize in custom framing using conservation methods. We cut our own mats and cut and assemble frames using specialized tools in our storefront and workshop in Ladsymith.

Our prices are very competitive for comparable quality. We also offer more economical framing options for less-demanding projects.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have about framing.