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We all have things we value. It may be a valuable work of art, a treasured family memento or a simple thing that is just beautiful in our eyes. Protecting these treasures ensures that they will remain in good condition to be passed on to other appreciative owners. Framing is an ideal way to protect your valued pieces while displaying them for the enjoyment of your family and friends. It’s critical that this framing is done using conservation or archival methods, to prevent deterioration of the work being framed.

Old fashioned? So are we. Call us at (250) 245-0011 with any questions about framing.

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The Michael Dean print of Holland Creek Trail we asked you to frame for our home was perfectly done. The mat colour and frame choice were spot on, setting off Michael's colours wonderfully. Thank you!

Paul Mycroft (Owner, PMD - Paul Mycroft Design)

You've given new life to my old watercolour! It looks so much better!

YDF, Ladysmith

My family's story of emigrating to Canada now hangs proudly on my wall. Thank you!

Sonja Maans, Ladysmith